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Spaces that help trans people recognise their history are vital, 2024

Museums Association

Playful Exhibition Design for Everyone, 2023


6 Things to consider when planning Pride events at your museum, 2022


Using Inclusive Language to Welcome Families in Museums, 2021

National Museums Liverpool

The Challenge of Measuring Gender, 2021

Association of Science and Technology Centers

Limin-alley: a Lockdown Art Experience in Belfast, 2021

Museum Education Roundtable

Family Inclusion in Museums, 2016



Speaking of Inclusivity, 2015

New England Museums Now The Language of Museums


Trans Family Photo Gallery Project, 2015

Incluseum Blog


Reflecting on AAM, 2015

Incluseum Blog


Bring the Family: Children's Museum Wisdom for the Rest of the Museum Community, 2014

Western Museums Association Blog


Including the 21st Century Family, 2014

Incluseum Blog

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