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Please enjoy these free resources I developed and be in touch if you find them useful.

Family Inclusive Language Chart

Family Inclusive Language Chart


Family Inclusive Language helps us avoid making assumptions about the identities of individuals and their relationships with others. Language conventions for describing families can leave out single-parent, adoptive, queer, multiracial, blended, and multi-generational families. Family Inclusive Language is a more accurate and respectful way of talking with and about people we don't know yet. Read more and find screen-reader friendly version here.

Museum professionals, art workers, and educators often use the Family Inclusive Language Chart in employee handbooks and display it behind admissions desks and in common spaces like breakrooms and bathrooms.


Order a professionally printed poster here.

Advocating for Social Justice Work in Museums

Advocating for Social Justice Work in Museums: a planning tool for making your case


Museums and other mission-driven institutions are notoriously risk-averse workplaces. Amid recent upticks in conservative politics, advocating for social justice-oriented initiatives is especially challenging right now. I developed this tool to help you craft your case to decision-makers.

For more on how to use the worksheet, refer to this blog post.

Looking for Queer Possibility

Looking for Queer Possibility in the Museum


Inspired by my article, Queer Possibility, this booklet is designed for LGBTQ museum visitors to tap into their own queer expertise to find queer connections at any museum, despite the fact that most museums still don't interpret queer content.

Read more about this booklet here.

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